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Baski is an ecological hand-crafted plantswear brand, designed in the Netherlands.

Baski is all about expressing yourself. In 2019,  Founder Freek was searching for a nice pot for his plant that matched his personality, style, and interior. But he couldn't find it. This was the start of creating plantswear by himself. It was also the year that he fell in love with Galiet — now the  designer for Baski. 

As the designer of the Baski plantswear products, I am working on all the creative aspects of the brand.

From the patterns of the Baski plantswear, to the packaging and other marketing efforts.

Together with Sharon, my sister, we lead the photoshoots of the products and form the creative team. Sharon also owns the instagram of Baski.

Our Baski products are available at 70+ stores all over the globe.


Get your interior
dressed up

Hand-crafted plantswear.
Designed in the Netherlands.

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