The role of design plays a really interesting role in technology, that’s why being exploratory is a top priority when I’m designing. I like to create unique stories. The visual experience is what matters, and why not make it more fun and beautiful! 

I have experience working for international clients in cross-disciplinary teams varying from product and project managers, development teams, UX teams, business and marketing leaders. Currently I'm working
as a Product Designer at WIX, as part of the Editor X Team - where I am responsible for most of the visual design aspects such as presets and web  design layouts. With my work being seen by over millions of people I always keep in mind the user experience, and  aim for designs which create impact.

I just moved back to the Netherlands after living for 5 years in Tel Aviv (Israel). I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and explore other cultures and industriesWhenever I’m not working I like to surround myself with beautiful stuff. I love minimalism, photography, interior design and everything which has to do with design. I’m a very curious person and always up for a challenge - I approach every day with the aim of learning something new.


Web Design
Visual Design


Content Creation