User Interface, Brand Strategy, 2018

Market Group is a global network of brands combining innovative e-Commerce platforms with unique traffic and advertising technologies. Market Group enables brands and businesses to easily grow and compete in today’s rapidly growing e-Commerce market. Among Market Group are over 3 millions users in E-commerce websites in Europe and the UK. 

For Market Group I designed the landing page and created a visual language. The website showcases Market Group's products: Ad tech, e-commerce, In-app marketing, SEM, B2B2C, Website Affiliation, and Performance Analytics. The challenge here is to make branding which aligns to all the group's different arena's but to still be also a standalone brand itself.

Building the brand

The squares in the logo both overlap each other which emphasizes the global connection.

In general, when people design for the tech world, usually they come back to the same stereotype design - grey and with a lack of joy.

I tried to not take this direction and add some freshness in the landing page by using diagonal stripes, fresh blues, and round shapes. 

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