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Product UI, Brand strategy

Market is a new online e-commerce marketplace focussing on the UK. Together with the team we built the platform from scratch in collaboration
with developers, product and project managers, business
and marketing leaders.


The business requirement was to design the functionality of the product and ensure a great user experience with an accessible and user-friendly interface. The products on Market are varying from electronics to fashion and everything in between, and the target audience is very broad. This means the challenge here is to design a user-friendly customer journey which applies to different ages.

Market About.png

I worked together with UX-experts to translate the user research to designs and create the product’s brand identity for both web and mobile (iOs and Android). The design is very minimal to keep the focus on the product itself because usually the products Market is selling have their own branding so we didn’t want to distract the customer with the UI.  The positive side of creating something for a ‘live product’ is that you can have feedback and prototype with real users. 

Market Mobile Payment.png

Defining the language

Blending illustration with clean UI was a challenge but fun problem to solve. Wherever I could implement illustrative elements I tried to combine it with the actual design to bring the product to life. The blue outlined illustrations have a playful tone which suits both younger and older audience.

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