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Everything 5

Product UI, Brand Strategy, part of Camden Market Group, is the UK’s biggest fixed price retailer. The website offers high street fashion just for one fixed price, which makes Everything5pounds a global leader for staged budget clothing. With over one million registered customers the website is rapidly growing and stands ahead of its competitors.


Currently, I’m in the process of redesigning E5P’s visual identity. This includes working with UX specialists to rethink the current interface of the website. The business requirement is to stay close to the current values, focussing on ‘cheap products’, but make the design more up to date. Since the user is familiar with the website for years decisions have to be taken carefully.

Web Screens E5P_background.png

Building the ​visual


 I choose a palette with a more fashionable approach for the interface which stays close to the current values but puts the main focus on the products itself since the inventory is very agile.


Translating designs

to the physical world

In addition to the website’s interface, my work includes logo design, marketing materials and working with the photo studio team which is located in London. Recently E5P expanded it’s online world to the offline world and opened a physical store in Camden Market, London.

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