Hi Numbered Studio,
Nice to meet you!

I'm Galiet.


"Galiet is Cheerful as she is creative. She always brings a great and positive vibe to a project"

She has a good eye for details and fresh insights, combining her skills in photography and artistic drawings to make a wide variety of beautiful designs and stunning compositions. More to that, working with her was always pleasant, inspiring, and fun.

— Doron, designer from Wix.com

I love branding.

Whenever I'm not working I like to create my own design experiences. Be it my own illustrated posters, working on content for brands, and optimizing visual digital experiences.


One of the coolest things I've ever done

Six years ago I decided that I want to learn Hebrew, and I wanted to do that somewhere in a new place, out of my comfort zone. So I flew to Tel Aviv, Israel.

I had no plan, the only thing which kept me there was the adventure, the idea that I had to make new connections from scratch, to make new friends, and to see how other cultures work — especially in the design industry.


Meanwhile, things went so well and I was so well integrated that I decided to emigrate and to leave my home and family to discover this new world. Which was, of course, very scary.

Screenshot 2021-03-01 at 15.56.46.png

I started my career as a lead designer in an international startup in the high tech industry and after that continued as a well-recognized designer at Wix.com 

It was one of the best decisions I ever made — it made me who I am today and I would have never missed the difficulties, the excitements, and the feeling that I could do
everything myself.


People also like to call me "The Layout Creator."

I basically create web design layouts all day and
have an aspiration for beautiful sites.


I would start the day with a yoga session and grab a coffee with my friends. Then I would wander around the city (with or without my bike) with my camera and take photos of beautiful architecture and still life scenes. 


I would love to meet with you and talk about my portfolio in person.