Mazeh Café

Brand Identity, 2019

A branding project I worked on for a local Tel Avivian Café for one of the most important things in life: good quality coffee and amazing people. Mazeh Café is located at the heart of the city serving magical moments for the people of Tel Aviv.

paint it black.png

Defining the Brand

In this fast life we are living in it’s good to take a step back sometimes and enjoy the good things in life. For me, coffee is one of them. That’s why working on a branding project like this makes me very excited.
The brief of the design was to make it personal.  The café is small and authentic and the design reflects this concept. It’s very minimalistic, accessible and friendly.



I illustrated the menu with calligraphic texts and illustrations to decorate the café and make it a place which feels like home.


Mazeh St.6 Tel Aviv