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Brand Strategy, 2018 is a new online e-commerce marketplace focussing on the UK. Because the product is new we didn’t have proper branding for our social media channels and it looked very incoherent. We had to come up with a brand strategy. Together with another designer, I built a concept which connects to ‘a real market’. In a real market, you can buy lots of deals for a good price, and this is exactly what is.

We designed a brand book with rules and guidelines which are connected to the offline Market. For example: notifications, fonts, use of photography, colors, and doodles. The idea of how to use fonts came from the offline Market. We used handwritten typefaces to make it look like cards with deals which you usually see in marketplaces.

I created a doodle library which can be used for product posts in social media like Facebook or Instagram so that there will be more harmony in our online identity.

The challenge here is that we don’t know what products will be promoted. It can be electronics but also kids toys. The colors and doodles had to be suitable for all different use-cases. The solution is a rich doodle library which includes both abstract shapes and plant-orientated doodles with examples of how to use the doodles with products. To make it more clear I created examples of how to use colors combined with products.

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